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Andrew Jason, Editorial Director, Spotlight Media “Go Murphy – The Band On The Go”


In 2012, Go Murphy released their first self-titled EP, a stellar four-track rock album. This Saturday at O’Leary’s in Moorhead and this Thursday at The New Direction in Fargo, the Fargo band are making one large step forward in their career as they release “A is A,” their incredible full-length debut album.

Candidly melodic, energetic and well-crafted, “A is A” is much like the band’s EP only bigger—bigger in all ways thinkable.

Go Murphy’s musicians (lead vocalist/guitarist Marcus Rondestvedt, bassist Ryan Dahl and drummer Ryan Stetson) are quite gifted. It’s easy to tell they are music fanatics themselves. They translate what they hear into what they create – with their own stories, genetics, experiences and idiosyncrasies, of course… Read more
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I don’t know how to write a record review. In fact, while writing this review, I only know two things for sure. Number one: I don’t listen to, nor enjoy, as much rock music as I once did. Number two: I love Go Murphy. They give me hope for the future of rock. They are a formidable band and their first full studio album, A is A, lives up to that adjective. Now, though, my charge is to come up with reasons for you to think so, too. Here are just a couple.

For one, they are brave. When I listen to Go Murphy, the virtuosity I hear is not that of computer editing and digital facility, but of a room full of living musicians making music. The album sounds like you are sitting in the studio with the band. There is close mic’ing, little reverb, and no ubiquitous string/synth/chorus wash in the background. However, that means there is nowhere to hide, sonically. There are fret noises, string buzzing, and some sour notes. But that’s because they are human musicians and that is what humans sound like when they make music. This is not a fault, but a virtue.

Most importantly, they are musical. This is not just some sublime, four-chord soundscape for a singer to belt over (though there is some great belting). Each line is absolutely necessary, with its own independent contribution of melody and rhythm. Check out the spry, forefronted bass line in the second track, “New Year.” Check out the lithe, style-shifting drumming in track seven, “See It Through.” Check out the winding one-man chorale at the end of track three, “Don’t Go Away.” I mean, their first LP features a fully instrumental track, “Astrolabe.” Not all bands would do that; it’s a bold move and demonstrates their intention of being taken seriously as musicians.

These are just a few of the myriad reasons I could think of that I love this band and this album, not to mention all of the reasons I couldn’t elucidate. What I do know is that I am glad this music is out there in the universe. Put on your headphones and listen to A is A. I hope that you will enjoy the music of Go Murphy as much as I do.
Review of the album A is A by Bill Louden, a music composer/performer/teacher


Q: Where, and how, was the band formed? How did you come up with the band’s name?
A: Ryan D. and Marcus have been friends since diapers and Ryan S. and Marcus have known each other for about 15 years or so. Marcus had just moved back from Omaha, Neb., and was looking to start a band up and it just so happened that the Ryans were also looking to start something new.
We were just getting started with the band and had a couple songs written but didn’t have any ideas for a name. Murphy is a dog that lives in Omaha whose owner is a friend of the band. Marcus was visiting and awoke to the owners girlfriend screaming at Murphy “No Murphy!” because he ate her sandals. Go Murphy just had a better ring to it. Read more
Posted by Rob Beer on Mar 19, 2013 for FM’s Finest


“There’s plenty of attention for the men who say they need it/Just to pat him on the back will get him through the next day/You, should know/Well isn’t he so lonely?/Does anybody care?,” Marcus Rondestvedt sings on track four, “The Big Wall.”

I didn’t ask the members of Go Murphy what the name of its band meant, but I would assume it has something to do with the phrase “keep going” or “go Murphy… do something!” Encouragement in realm of music is important. In fact, encouragement is much needed in the realm of everything that is important to a human… Read more
Diane Miller, Editor, High Plains Reader article Everything in Its Right Place


F&F : So, who is Murphy?
Go Murphy! : Think of the most absolutely crazy cool awesome dude that you know. Pretend his name is Murphy. Now pretend he is actually a dog that lives in Omaha, Nebraska.
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